This site is created to share pictures and information about Pippa our Irish Water Spaniel. Pippa is a fantastic family dog, with bags of energy, but is always great with kids of all sizes.

Pippa came from Fendrake Irish Water spaniels, a a working kennel dedicated to the  working Irish Water Spaniel, their dogs are used for beating, picking up, rough-shooting and wildfowling.  She was one of 5 girls and 6 boys.

Pippa's father

This is Feargal, Pippa’s father, registered name: Horsey Cornerake at Fendrake. Hip score 8/10 = 18 ans Elbow score 1/2 = 2, Breeder: Mrs Pat Farrington. Feargal is regularly worked, seen here with a cock pheasant.


Meagan Pippa's mother

This is Meagan, Pippa’s mother, registered name: Kirkmarsh Roisin Dubh at Fendrake. Hip score 5/5 = 10 and Elbow score 0/0 = 0, Breeder: Mr Melvyn & Mrs Denise Hurst

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